Organic Pasture Eggs 
Organic Pastured Eggs
Medium:          $4.00 Dozen
Large:             $5.00 Dozen
Extra Large:   $6.00 Dozen
Jumbo:            $7.00 Dozen


What is a Pastured Egg? 

Pastured eggs are from hens raised on green pasture, with access to the sun, bugs, and fresh air.  Eating an omnivore diet, the way mother nature intended. 

Our organic hen's are rotated daily on fresh pasture.  Eating Fresh clover, grass, bugs,  organic fruits, vegitables  and organic soy free layer mash.

Pasture Eggs contain;    

2/3 more vitamin A.
2 x more omega 3 fatty acids.
3 x the Vitamin E 
7 x more beta carotene 
5 x more vitamin D

Our Organic Eggs do not contain;


​​Mozzarella & Ricotta
Cheese Kit: ​​$6.50 ea
(Makes 8 batches of Cheese)
​12 tsp. Cheese Salt
​12 tsp. Citric Acid
​2- Veg Rennet Tablets
​1- Instruction Sheet