Raw Milk
From Barn to Fridge!

O ur milk is bottled the day you purchase it  and sold in our farm store on site.

  Price of Milk:

​   1/2 Gallon - Plastic Container:  $ 4.00 ea
​               (1/2 Gallon's are available through pre-orders only​)

    1 Gallon - Plastic Container:  $ 7.00 ea

​     Glass Bottles: ​​ 1/2 Gallon: $ 3.50 ea
​          (Glass is available through pre-orders only)  

* Clean Jars
​* The Jars have to be at least 1/2 gallon in size
​* Jars marked with your name
​* Jars dropped off at the store at least 1 day prior to being​ filled. (If you choose to have two sets of jars, please drop ​off your second set of jars when you pick up your milk.) 
​* Notify us one day prior, by phone, email, or on facebook what day​ you would like your milk.

Pre-orders not required for 1 gallon plastic!

​Milk is available 7 days a week, until sold out.      

​However, you can still pre-order your milk for a guaranteed pick up.

​We also suggest that if you are traveling a long distance or buying a large quantity please call ahead  for availability and to reserve your milk.

​​You can pre-order your milk by:
P hone: 315-548-3139 
email: [email protected]
On our website's Contact Page or
​on our Facebook page.

When pre-ordering your milk:   
Please indicate your name, contact information, size,  quantity, and pick up date.
​Please pre-order 24 hours in advance.